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  • SKYBIZ Undergoes Rigorous "Call of Duty" Teambuilding

    Category: News & Update | Posted date: 2020-03-06 00:33:44

    SKYBIZ Undergoes Rigorous

    SKYBiz showed their team spirit and tactical know-how in a “Call of Duty”- inspired teambuilding last February 12, 2020 with one whole day of physical and mental challenges at the Cristina Villas Hotel in Antipolo City. “Call of Duty” is a famous military tactical game.

    The 80-plus strong SKYBiz family came in their military best gears and went through exciting military drills. They capped the night off with some refreshing socials and awards for the best performing “SKYBiz cadets.”

    “To hear the ‘Call of Duty’ is to know that something must be done for the most noble reason,” shared Jon Arayata, head of SKYBIZ. “We at SKYBiz believe that the ‘SKYBiz cadet’ for 2020 is made to build, protect and maintain as well as achieve more by conquering self-made boundaries and always establishing teamwork,” Arayata added.