In 2013, SKYcable launched SKYBIZ, a division that caters chiefly to the connectivity and content services needs of businesses big and SMEs. Connectivity solutions refer to broadband, data and cloud, while content services can be in the form of cable TV, through SKYcable, and direct-to-home TV through SKYdirect.

SKYBIZ was created after SKY saw the need for an alternative provider that can help ensure clients’ smooth and seamless operations, in line with its mission to empower businesses in achieving sustainable growth.

While SKYcable is the acknowledged market leader in cable TV, SKYBIZ was a start-up and had to jostle for space against bigger and older competitors. The team is built to create mastery beyond cable, to have the attitude to “run and conquer” in order to fast-track the introduction of fiber internet and data services to potential customers. SKYBIZ is built to enable businesses of any kind and any size to do operations better by customizing their offers on both content and connectivity.


Despite its “newbie” status, SKYBIZ has racked up a number of milestones that would be the envy of bigger and more established companies.

It became the first provider to create relevant content for the hospitality industry. Thus, SKYBIZ today is the preferred cable TV provider of some of the country’s premier hospitality establishments.

SKYBIZ network capacity ensures the flexibility and scalability of its broadband and data services. This translates into seamless internet access-related transactions such as large-file sharing, video conferencing, VOIP and inventory management system.

SKYBIZ has built a wide fiber-optic infrastructure that covers key central business districts in Metro Manila, and in key areas in the provinces.

In ensuring the constant delivery of “wow and saya” to customers, clients have an access to SKYBIZ’s network operations support and “techxperts” technical support personnel, who are available 24/7.

These teams strive to find solutions to problems and help customers work through technical difficulties. They perform investigation and analysis, problem reproduction, and resolution of customer problems.


SKYBIZ will continue to focus on building its capability in fiber technology and to strengthen its penetration within the key industries in the country.

By the time 10 years have passed, SKYBIZ will grow better together with its partners as they entrust their connectivity and content to the company. They will continue to be in the service of the Filipino, to contribute to nation-building by offering more innovative solutions in data services that will bring sustainable progress to their partners and in turn, contribute to the economy.