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  • Category: January 2019

    SKYBIZ launches fiber network in Iloilo, Bacolod

    Posted date: 2019-01-22 01:38:40

    SKYBIZ brought good news to the entrepreneurs in Bacolod and Iloilo by bringing them the SKYBIZ Growth Series on September 18 and September 20, respectively.

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    SKY signs up Megaworld Hotel Group

    Posted date: 2019-01-22 01:36:27

    SKYBIZ is equipping the Megaworld Hotel Group’s newest hotels—Hilton Hotel, Hotel Sheraton and Hotel Okura—with superior entertainment content and broadband service as both companies recently entered into a partnership.

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    Dicky Liwanag: Telco exec finds his ‘WHY’ in SKY

    Posted date: 2019-01-22 01:30:50

    Dicky U. Liwanag, SKYBIZ Enterprise and MSME head since 2011, counts 20 years as a telecommunications professional doing sales and marketing with stints in Bayan Telecommunications Inc., Digital Telecommunications Phils. Inc. and Broadband Philippines.

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