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  • Promote your business like a star

    Category: News & Update | Posted date: 2022-09-23 03:02:29

    Promote your business like a star

    Growing one's business does not happen overnight but going online is one way to help make it big. By going online, MSMEs may gain more customers as they become easier to search and contact with every swipe of the screen and click of the mouse notwithstanding geographic boundaries.

    Due to the wide reach of the online market, some businesses are even putting up online stores which are able to sell more than their physical store, while some are even closing down their physical store to just focus on the online audience, since it has a wider reach, and the sales usually flow quicker because customers have more payment options.

    However, if everybody’s going online, how can you rise above the noise to make your brand standout?

    Here are three ways to make your brand pop online:

    Create engaging content

    With more and more going online, the competition for attention gets stiffer so make sure that yours is engaging and relatable to your target audience.

    Make it appealing, engaging, and if possible, let it strike emotion. Some customers may want to try your brand because they got intrigued or they were able to relate to your ad.

    Also, remember to only use photos or clips that are originally yours or eligible for your use. When designing your ad, strike the right balance between creativity and readability to entice and inform your audience, while also maintaining decency by skipping vulgar words or texts. Make your ad unique–to help your brand stand out, and professional–as this identifies your business.

    Get your brand noticed

    Aside from good content, it will help to choose the right platform for your promotions–one that will connect you to a wide audience that you want to reach.

    For example, if you are providing services locally, say a hair salon, you need to reach an audience that can go to your location to avail your services while it is also available for non-targeted audience to see. Same goes with other businesses like packed or set meals or any other products – you need to know and remember who you are targeting and promote your brand in a platform that has a lot of audience that your brand caters to.

    If your business wants to sell or provide services to Filipinos, then you must make your brand known on a platform where you know that a lot of Filipinos visit, while foreigners or your non-targeted audience can also see.

    your brand stand out, and professional–as this identifies your business.

    Expand your brand's reach

    Reaching millions of Filipinos worldwide does not mean spending so much because with ABS-CBN's do-it-yourself advertising tool, you can do just that for P500.

    The Digital Advertising Self-serve Hub (DASH) helps MSMEs and agencies to promote their brand or business to our Kapamilya audience across the entire ABS-CBN network. Through ABS-CBN's high-reaching platforms local businesses and brands can finally get their big break and take the spotlight.

    For P500, MSMEs and brands can choose to upload an image or video, and choose whether it is skippable or not. Users also have the option to use DASH to create your ad. After creating the content for your ad, set the target age, gender, interests, time, and location. DASH users have the option to run ads on all ABS-CBN platforms.

    Let your MSMEs and brands shine alongside some of the brightest showbiz stars, trending ABS-CBN shows, latest news, and more.

    See how your business and brand's reach is growing through your own dashboard, available for basic campaign monitoring and optimization.

    First time users can input the promo code: BIDAADVERT to get a P100 discount on their first ad placement through DASH.

    Moreover, an additional exclusive discount is up for grabs for first time media placements made by SKYBIZ customers. SKYBIZ as a business internet provider and ABS-CBN DASH as an advertising needs provider, continue to collaborate to provide the best value-added service for their MSME customers. Supporting the growth of MSMEs and local brands.

    SKYBIZ customers can use the promo code: BIDAMOMENT to use the exclusive offer.

    To know more about the SKYBIZ products and services bundled with ABS-CBN DASH, go to www.skybiz.com.ph

    Put your MSME in the spotlight and make your brand stand out with the right tools that may help boost sales targeted towards the right audience.

    To know more about DASH, visit their website https://bit.ly/AdvertiseOnDASH_28 and start boosting your sales today.