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  • SKYBIZ equips employers to grow their business and empower employees in the digital age

    Category: News & Update | Posted date: 2022-10-07 01:10:55 | Updated date: 2022-10-07 01:26:38 | Posted by: Caleb

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    SKYBIZ equips employers to grow their business and empower employees in the digital age

    With the different industries slowly opening up after being upended by the pandemic, business owners are now re-calibrating for immediate strategies to achieve their long-term organizational goals.

    SKYBiz, the business solutions arm of SKY Cable Corporation, rolls out some important tips and solutions that will help employers grow both their business and their employee’s morale in this post-lockdown era.

    Encourage a favorable set-up

    The remote set-up became the new standard in most businesses, employees are able to go on with their daily tasks while working in the comfort of their homes, connecting with their peers purely online. Now that a lot of industries have gone back to their pre-Covid set-up and with the hybrid work arrangement gaining popularity, business owners should allow for more flexibility for employees to get their work done either at home or in the office.

    A comfortable working environment is crucial for employees' productivity, performance, and job satisfaction. Whether you are working from home or back to the office, the physical space where work is done should be conducive for every employee to excel daily.

    Engage professional and personal growth

    A well-balanced life is something that both employers and employees should strive for. Businesses will continue to grow if their people also grow, hence, it’s important to make the workplace a safe place where employees can unleash their maximum potential professionally and personally.

    Most companies have incorporated different activities and practices that can boost the morale of their employees. A shared activity outside the workplace like a Monday morning reflection over coffee or a Friday night sports fest will strengthen the working relationship within the company allowing employees to feel more at ease and closer with their peers.

    Invest in tools that empower

    With most of the work transactions and meet-ups done digitally, businesses should invest in a reliable service provider and solutions tools that will empower them to grow their business in this digital age.

    SKYBiz is extending its BizTastic BunDeals with its Biz Broadband Connect and BizFiber Connect plans that include reliable business-grade internet connection for SMEs suited for their day-to-day activities, bundled with a three-month Microsoft 365 and a voucher from ABS-CBN Dash or Grab.

    On the other hand, for large-scale businesses looking for a high-speed true fiber internet connection to help with their operations, Biz Fiber Direct is the perfect deal that offers a high-speed internet modem as low as 30mpbs also bundled with the same BizTastic perks.

    SKYBiz also continues to offer its BizBB DoubleUp for current subscribers that automatically doubles their speed at no extra cost, with its 100 Mbps plan now running at 200 Mbps with personalized account management and 24/7 technical support for the same price of only P2,299.

    To know more about the extended promos of SKYBiz's plans and updates, visit www.skybiz.com.ph.